FBO Air Care




Air Care has a 40-year history of serving the needs of aircraft buyers in the Carolinas.  We know that each transaction is unique – your needs are not the same as any other buyers.  To help you determine the best aircraft for you, we use our experience to help you determine your needs and help you find the best aircraft to match those needs.

If you are new to aviation, welcome.  The thought of buying an aircraft can be daunting when you first start the process and we regularly help first time buyers walk through the process of purchasing their first aircraft.  We have contacts in aircraft finance, insurance even legal and tax structuring..  Let us use our years of experience to guide you through the process.

If you are an experienced aircraft owner, then you understand the value that an experienced aircraft sales organization brings to the process.

Where to start?  The first step is determining the mission that you want an aircraft to accomplish.  This is our specialty, we have been helping customers identify the best aircraft to meet their needs for years, just call or email us.  We will help you develop the needs analysis further and then move forward in looking at aircraft.

Aircraft Sales Team:

J.B. Williams:  J.B. founded Air Care and has been selling aircraft for over 40 years.  He is one of the most highly respected aircraft salesman in the nation and has sold hundereds of aircraft from two seat trainers up through business jets.  He runs the daily operations of Air Care and is an active charter pilot.