Fixed Base Operations

Terminal / FBO #: 252-446-7057

Rocky Mount – Wilson Airport Authority exclusively operates the Fixed Base Operations (FBO) and Fuel Sales. We are a Titan Aviation Fuels Branded Partner and our staff will strive to give the finest in customer service and will assure you have an excellent experience when you visit our FBO for any and all of your line service needs. Aircraft overnight Hangar storage and tie downs are available through the FBO front desk or the line service.  Line services also available: aircraft towing, ground power units, Aircraft portable air-conditioning, catering, crew cars and rental cars. Freight Ground Handling including On/off loading and forklift truck services are also available upon request.

As a 14 CFR Part 139 certificated operator we meet all FAA AC No: 150/5230-4B Guidelines. That means we are inspected annually for Aircraft Fuel Storage, Handling, Training, and Dispensing on Airports by the FAA. Our fuels meet all ATA ASTM D1655 – 19 Standard Specifications for Aviation Fuels and our fuel is tested twice daily at the fuel farm transfuelers and refuelers.

Our Customer Service Team From top left to bottom right:

Jarrett Moss – Line Service Technician, Martez Scott – Maintenance Technician, Dakota Suggs – Line Service Technician, Brian Helms – FBO Manager, Ashton Tice – Line Service Technician, Angela Hess – Finance Manager, Jessica Deaver – Front Desk Clerk, Dion Viventi – Executive Director









fuel testing

All Private and Commercial Operations may be subject to Facility, Line Service, Terminal and Commercial Fees as approved by the Airport Authority.

RWI Airport Fee Schedule 2019-08-01

Current Fuel Prices:




100 LL