Pavement Rehabilitation Project – Substantial Completion

The recently completed Runway, Taxiway and Apron paving projects have been substantially completed as of November 1st. Many thanks to WK Dickson consultants for their engineering and construction administration services. A big thank you goes out to Allega Cement Contractors for completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget.


Approach Lighting Upgrade is done

The FAA has completed their recent upgrade of our Runway 4 Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Rails (MALSR). The original system which was over 40 years old was completely replaced with a new state-of-the-art High Visibility Fiberglass frangible pole system. The project also included a renovated Localizer system as well

approach lights

new LOC

New T-Hangar Construction under way

The new T-Hangar project is moving along and the first of three buildings has begun to take shape with a completed concrete slab and structural steel framing in place.  the project calls for 23 new T-Hangars of which the first 6 should be available beginning in January.  The entire project is estimated to be completed sometime in March 2020.


New Self-Serve Fuel Farm is in the works

The airport is in the process of building a new self-serve fuel farm that will provide pay at the pump convenience for pilots wishing to pump their own fuel 24/7. Both single point and over the wing Jet-A and Avgas 100LL tanks will be built with a capacity of 8000 gallons each and a state of the art Credit card kiosk will be installed at the south end of the general aviation ramp this winter.